Northwest Youth Volleyball League Rules

This league is organized to provide recreational enjoyment in the form of physical fitness and teamwork.

  1. National Federation of High School Association rules shall govern all league play.

  2. Players

    • A team may only use players that are registered on their team.

    • Teams that use unregistered players or players from another team will forfeit the game. Each team must have at least 4 players to begin the game otherwise they forfeit.

    • In the event of a forfeit, and only then, may a team pick up extra players – who are currently registered in the league – so a scrimmage game can still be played. This scrimmage game would follow the regular rules and expectations but would not be counted in the standings and results of the league. Regardless of the outcome of the scrimmage game, the forfeit would stand. ***

  3. Match

    • A match shall consist of 3 games to 25 points.

    • Games must be won by 2 or more points or the first team to 30.

    • 1 hour to complete a match, which includes a brief warm-up period.

    • Switch sides between sets

    • If there are less than 15 minutes left in your hour at the start of the third game, it will be played to 15 points.

  4. Timeouts

    • Two timeouts of 30 seconds can be taken during each game.

  5. Legal Contact

    • A touch of the ball by any part of the player’s body that does not allow the ball to visibly come to rest or involve prolonged contact with a player’s body.

  6. A back-row player shall not be jumping to hitting/blocking past the attack line

  7. Touching the net and/or crossing the center line under the net is a violation.

    • Exception: if it is the hand or foot that crosses the center line, the entire hand or entire foot must cross for it to be a violation.

  8. Libero

    • There will be no utilization of the LIBERO player.

  9. Ceilings & Obstructions

    • Dead ball – when the ball comes in contact with an obstruction

    • Live ball – when the ball hits the ceiling yet comes back down on the side it went up on

    • A live ball becomes dead when the ball contacts the ceiling and comes down on the other side on which the ball went up on

  10. A coin toss or rock/paper/scissors will determine who will serve first

  11. Unsportsmanlike conduct

    • A first offense during a game will result in a warning issued to the offending team

    • Any subsequent offenses will result in a side-out or point being awarded to the other team.

    • Repeated or flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct may result in expulsion from the remainder of the game.

      • Expelled players or coaches must leave the gym until the start of the next game.

      • A second expulsion of the same player or coach during any match will result in disqualification for the remainder of the match, and a 2-game suspension.

  12. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes the following:

    • confronting the officials concerning their decisions or committing actions to influence their decisions or circumvent the rules;

    • making profane or vulgar remarks to officials, opponents, or spectators; taunting opponents or spectators; shouting, yelling, or

    • crossing the vertical plane of the net in an attempt to distract an opponent who is playing the ball; other unsporting actions at the discretion of the referee.

  13. Uniforms

    • All teams are required to wear the same color, matching shirts.

    • Each player should have a number on their shirt (on the back and front) to aid the scorer in keeping accurate stats.

    • No tank-tops.

    • No spandex and yoga pants. Wearing shorts over the top of these would be acceptable.  Any player with a uniform that does not adhere to these guidelines will not be allowed to take to the court.

  14. Coach

    • All teams are required to have a coach that is 21 years or older

    • Who is responsible for the conduct/behavior of the whole team. ‘

    • This designated person must be present on the bench.

    • The only exception is the team with a playing coach, who may fill the role on the court as a team player.


  • A team will be awarded 1 point for each game won, and 1 point for winning a match. League standings will be available weekly.
  • Standings are calculated: Pts ?, then Wins ?, then SetsWon ?, then Diff ?  (? means descending order)


      1. Wear only clean and dry non-marking shoes to the gym for games
      2. Pick up your litter and dispose of it properly after games.
      3. Remember to have fun!